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30 plus 1

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31 years deserves something special for you all. There are many things money cant buy, so I choose to gift you all of them.:-) 🙂

I am grateful for the love, support, encouragement and being there for me in the past years. Without you all  another year would have passed with just the same things happening but with you all around it has been a rocking,  happening , exciting, head banging and full of surprises, stressful yet funny, inspirational and lots of perspiration too :-). Thank you for your commitment and hope for many more years of joy, success and achievement with such a great TEAM as you…

To my patients and well-wishers, I am grateful  to you for your confidence in me and my dental Team, and reiterate to continue to provide quality dental treatment  with the best of care and always be there to share our time for the wellness of the society.




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