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Case of the month: SIALOLITHIASIS

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Post by: Dr. Roshni



Case presentation: 7 year old child, came to us with an extra-oral swelling (pain and fever) on lower right cheek.

On careful examination of the hard and soft tissues, I noticed an abnormality in the floor of the mouth. On digital palpation, the foreign body was moveable and clearly an obstruction in the salivary duct.

Undoubtedy, this was a Sialolith, present in the duct of the sub-mandibular gland. The child was kept under a course of antibiotics and analgesics. A tiny incision enabled us to effortlessly remove the stone.





A mucous retention cyst characterized by one or more calcified stones(sialoliths) within a salivary gland or its duct. Usually occurs among middle-aged adults and quite a few cases have been reported in children.

Chief complaints range from intermittent pain and discomfort to recurrent swelling and stabbing pain. Detected on routine clinical and radiographic examinations.

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