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Child Care

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                                CHILDREN’S DENTISTRY OR PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY is a completely safe technique and will help your child to achieve and maintain dental health. A child’s baby or primary teeth are of great importance. Baby teeth can help pave the way for secondary dentition(permanent teeth), thereby enhancing their  speaking ability and chewing function. It is essential to begin caring for your child’s teeth from an early age. It is very important not to wait until your child experiences tooth ache to visit us. By visiting Dr Fernando and his team led by Dr.Diksha Kamat, from an early age you can help to eliminate your child’s  fear of the Dentist and establish a good dental routine that can be followed throughout their lives.

Their kindness, patience and gentility, make them the perfect choice for your child’s Dentist. Dr Fernando  takes a holistic approach to Children’s Dentistry. His primary concern is not just fixing your child’s teeth, but caring about their overall well-being. The clinic’s main focus being Preventive Dentistry, Dr Fernando and his team will work closely with you and your child to establish a good dental hygiene routine and discuss your child’s diet. He will demonstrate the best brushing techniques, encourage them to brush and speak with them about the importance of their teeth.

Dr Fernando & his team led by Dr, Diksha and Dr. Roshni look  forward to helping you give your child the best dental health.  A gift they will enjoy for the rest of their life.

Tips for Top Brushing

Make brushing time fun! To help your child enjoy brushing their teeth, why not turn on their favorite song. If they start brushing from the very beginning of the song to the end, it will help make the time go much faster and they will get their 2 minutes of brushing done in no time!

If your child is too tired to brush their teeth before bedtime, choose another time to brush. We recommend brushing at least once each day.

If your child does not like the taste of their toothpaste, try a few different brands. Make sure they contain fluoride.

It is important to avoid foods high in sugar and starch which can cause cavities. Cookies, chips, sugary drinks (such as soft drinks) and roll-ups are fine as occasional treats. Plain water is the best to drink.

For Parents

After brushing take a few minutes to inspect your child’s teeth. Make sure they have reached all of the tricky spots and have paid attention to molars in the back. If you notice any white spots, dark spots or even a hole in a tooth these should be checked by a Dentist.

Parents will need to help until they feel confident that their child can reach all the tricky spots and brush with confidence.


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