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Dental Emergencies

Broken Teeth

If a tooth is broken or a filling is lost call us immediately and we will try see you before the end of the next business day.

The tooth may be sensitive to hot, cold, and sweet things. Be careful with what you eat. It may also be annoying to your tongue, but you can remedied this by temporarily placing a bit of wax over it. If the tooth is broken in a way that you can see red inside of the tooth from blood or tissue, do not wait, contact us or another dentist immediately so that you may be taken out of pain.


Teeth Displaced by Trauma

If a tooth is displaced by trauma or has been knocked out of the socket you will have to call us as soon as possible. If the tooth is out of the socket, clean the tooth under running water and place the tooth in milk; there are times when a tooth can be re-implanted and saved if done promptly. Visit the dentis within half hour for a IMMEDIATE REPLANTATION IF POSSIBLE.



Abscessed Teeth

An abscessed tooth will cause an unrelenting toothache that will last an hour at a time and will hurt without any irritation, such as food, heat or cold. It may be accompanied by swelling, it can be very painful to bite down upon, and you may experience pain when swallowing. In this event, you will need to see a dentist as soon as possible. The tooth may require root canal therapy or may need to be extracted.

You may be able to get some immediate relief from the pain by soaking the tooth in cold water. Antibiotics are often useful when treating abscessed teeth and by taking Advil, Aspirin, or Tylenol you may be able to ease the pain until treatment can be started.


Lost Crowns

Generally, lost crowns can be left off the tooth without causing complications for a day or two. Put the crown in a safe place and avoid things that make the tooth hurt. Many times the dentist can re-cement the crown without having to make a new one. You may find that the uncovered tooth is irritating to your tongue so you may want to cover it with a bit of cotton or wax until you can be seen by the dentist. We will see you within 24 hours for a re-cementation or to place a temporary crown.


Broken Dentures or Partials

Teeth can sometimes be separated from dentures or partials. We also find that the clasps or the plastic base may break. Most of these issues can be remedied through our laboratory during regular business hours. Although we can often have the repair completed in one day, occasionally it may require an extra day. Barring unusual circumstances, the repair will almost always be completed within two working days.


Infections Causing Swelling

Infections that cause swelling of the face or fever are issues that must be addressed quickly by a dentist and may not wait until business hours begin. You should be seen quickly the day of your call. In the event that the pain is unbearable and occurs in the middle of the night, the emergency room of your local hospital will treat you. These types of infections need to be treated seriously and should respond to antibiotic therapy.

Pain is the common, single most motivating factor in most dental emergencies and we are committed to seeing patients who are in pain as quickly as possible. We have the means to make you as comfortable as possible, quickly and easily. If you find yourself in any of these situations, please call us as soon as possible and let us know how we may help you.

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