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We do cater to a number of patients daily and their well being is paramount to us as well as that of the staff and health providers.


This increasing number of Patients,  makes it mandatory for us to use as much as possible of disposable items. Right from tissues to drapes to rinsing cups to suction tips to impression trays to single use applicators,  damming material,  plastic instruments where applicable, syringes, gloves, masks, headcaps to high speed handpiecies

In our commitment for excellence we employ the most rigid criteria for sterilization.
4 tier approach

– Mechanical washing with germicidal detergent under running water tap.

– Chemical sterilisation  by soaking in an ultrasonic bath ( temperature controlled)  for a given time.

– The instruments are again washed with distilled water and bagged as sets in individual pouches to be autoclaved under steam at 120-130 degrees C for a cycle of 25 mins.

– Storage of the sterile instruments in an ultraviolet cabinet which maintains complete sterility till the need to be used.


Dental Materials  and  Equipment

In keeping with the latest trends we use only the best of Dental Materials available . Our Equipment and products  represent the best Dental companies the world over like

X -ray Machine and Digital Ragiography  from Sirona , Sidexis and Dr Suni USA

Curing Light FLASHLIGHT  from Discuss Dental, Vivadent,

High speed fiberoptic turbines from KAVO and NSK and Bien Air

Pulp testers from Parkell USA

Apex Locators and Endo motors –  Dentsply

Intra oral cameras – Vatech

Ultasonic  Scalers and Endosonic Units ; Satelec,  Bonart and Woodpecker

High Vac Suction – Gnatus ,  Confident





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