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68th Indian Dental Conference

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13 th to the 15th February was a thrilling and eventful time at the 68th Annual Indian Dental Conference in Bangalore. With over 4500 delegates and more than 500 papers being presented  and speakers from all over the world the conference was a truly enriching and we felt proud to be there. We came back so full of dentistry ( we are always HIGH on it !!) that for days we were eating, laughing and sharing experiences of those days. From the Apartment that we were lodged Alpha tower in  Lakeside Habitat, to the cultural evening, the trade fair, the scientific sessions, the evening dining at Santa Banta, rickshaw experiences and meeting up with friends made our 2 days seem too short.


Dr Anagha presented a paper on “Fluorides”  and the need for incorporating them in routine use, and was well praised and applauded

Dr. Fernando presented on “Non surgical management of large periapical Lesions” and was well received by the participants.


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