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Dentistry is a work of the heart

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post by Dr. Ankita                                      IMG-20150827-WA0035

Today was a special day dedicated to Special children of the Peace Heaven School in Caranzalem. Special they were .. they had good oral hygiene, they enjoy life and take things in life so easy, are an inspiration to all of us.

Today was one of my best day experience. I  feel so satisfied  from the inside  after helping these children with their dental problems. I feel that  God has given us everything and still we are unsatisfied. Looking at these children how happy and carefree despite having problems and limitations was an inspiration to me. I feel that these special children have a better understanding than all of us who are ‘supposed to be special’. I cannot forget a particular girl called Avita. she was so cooperative, just kept her mouth open for the whole procedure and inspite  of the pain she might have been having did not have a lethargic face at the end at all. In fact she was smiling at the end. I really appreciate these children and am happy to become a part of them.

I am thankful to Dr. Fernando Noronha , my guide , all my colleagues Dr, Anagha, Dr. Roshni and Dr.Sneha and the clinic staff Geeta and Fatima as well as the Sister from Peace Heaven school who cooperated with us and gave us this great opportunity

.IMG-20150827-WA0032             IMG-20150827-WA0037  IMG-20150827-WA0028              IMG-20150827-WA0033                                                              IMG-20150827-WA0038                                 IMG-20150827-WA0034

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